João Norim Bandeira

Software Engineer @ Porto, Portugal


I'm a 22 years software developer from Porto, and just finished the Integrated Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering at FEUP. I have no problem working with new or unfamiliar technologies, I'm open to new ideas and experiences, and consider myself a quick learner, and always eager to learn new technologies.

During my academic path I've worked in many different areas, with special focus on such as web and mobile development, but also with databases management, or QA & Testing, among others. I am also very familiar with software development practices and Agile methodologies.

Besides software development, my hobbies are photography, karate, which I practice since 2001, currently with shodan graduation (1st Dan), and I also play the guitar.



Integrated Master's in Informatics and Computer Engineering

Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Grade: 17/20



Mobile ticketing using Bluetooth low energy technology

Master's Thesis

Grade: 18/20


Here are some of the areas I'm used to work in, and some of the programming languages and skills I have in each one.

Web Development: HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, PHP, Responsive Design, jQuery, WebGL

Mobile Development: Native Android, Ionic Framework, Xamarin

Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL, MongoDB

Others: Java, C++, Ruby, Software Architecture, Data Mining



Cafeteria order management platform. Mobile application for users to make their orders (access to menu, vouchers and order history). Another mobile application to receive the users’ orders, and pass them to the employees. Back end with a REST API to receive data from the apps and store it in the cloud.

Technologies: Android, Node.js, PostgreSQL.

Guided Tours

Mobile app developed to give users guideance during tours to Casa da Música. User is able to exmplore a 3D model of the building, and see information about each room, including panoramic pictures with interactive content, and narrations of the texts. App could autommatically detect rooms due to the use of Bluetooth beacons. Also included a back office for content management.

Technologies: Ionic Framework, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL.


Web and mobile apps to provide experts in rivers and the general population with several ways to submit data about the state/health of the rivers.

Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Java (Android), GeoServer.


Mobile app for trip planning by public transportations in the city of Porto. The app also allows the users to check schedules off their favourite stops, and has Uber integration.

Technologies: Ionic Framework, eXistdb (XML database).


Social network where users can share text, photo or video posts with their circles of friends. Post can be scheduled, and an expiration date can be set.

Technologies: Smarty, PHP, Javascript, PostgreSQL.


Board game with based in an hexagonal board, in which players take turns making their moves with five different types of pieces. Game logic was developed in Prolog, and graphical interface in OpenGL.

Technologies: C++, OpenGL, Prolog.


Feel free to contact me with any proposals or questions you may have, and to check the links below!